Why I Write


"To provide a highly original, moving, and lasting entertainment experience that conjoins arts of all media. From arts of expression, to those of combat, I will strive to exhibit that, by this contrivance, one can truly understand the formless unity within the human condition."

Since my first read of “The Camel Book” I have read thousands of books. I have been on countless adventures in literature and learned many things. Yet, I had reached a point where it seemed as though I was reading the same book and even watching the same movies over and over; only to be delighted when the occasion of an original story somehow slipped by and found me. These media are such simple joys that reach out to us in our spare time, or when the day’s work is finished, but they are also something that is deeply woven into into soles of humanity.

When the great writers of old literally put pen to paper, they didn’t fret about the cliché, commercialization or acceptance. They wrote with pure expression and passion, many proving that the pen was mightier than the sword. Although times most certainly change, and a once vast world becomes smaller each day, I still believe a creative spark lives in so many of us, eagerly waiting to make a difference.

This was the main driving force that made me decide to become an author. This is the flame I have toiled to kindle, and by this expression, I humbly hope to touch the minds and hearts of many.

I write because I have the ability to walk in my character’s shoes, bringing them to life through me. I write because there is no need to waste a perfectly good night terror. I write because I sometimes need to get away from it all. I write because life is short and I want it to mean something. I write for you and for an art form that too often gets smothered by the business model.

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